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Pokemon Insurgence Nature Change

Jul 25, 2016  · A Nature Stone, Kinda like the IV Stone but it changes your Pokemon’s nature to a different, random (Could also be chosen thats upto the developers) nature (Yes i know the Pokepon can change the nature of your pokemon, its just a low chance of happening)

I’m of the opinion that high IVs (23+) make a much bigger difference in the long-term than the Pokemon’s nature, but either way you should save and reset until you get something decent. Quiet really isn’t THAT bad, seeing as Sp. Atk is D. Blastoise’s main offence, and his Speed isn’t that great anyways.

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The player sends in their Pokémon and has a chance to get specific rewards. These rewards range from changing the Pokémon’s nature, items, or even a chance to turn the Pokémon shiny. Despite popular belief it cannot turn a Pokémon into its non-shiny form if it was already shiny.

Sep 14, 2015  · Pokemon Insurgence – Saying goodbye to our rivals (celebi and shaymin) – Duration: 3:27. Leo 19,628 views