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You can use a paid service or try Google Docs’s voice-typing feature for a free option. Speechnotes is another free option you.

I teach English Lessons through WhatsApp.

Plain text is easier to access and requires less data (therefore, less money),

Code documentation — is there anything more exciting than spending your time writing extensive comments? If I had to guess, your answer is probably somewhere along the lines of “uhm, yes.

Aren’t smartphones just amazing? There’s almost no limit to what your Android phone can achieve. From the top Android flagships to the best budget phones, a few taps is all that’s needed to.

So the lesson here is that while you might be working.

To find potential search phrases, start typing “how to [your topic]” into YouTube’s search bar and notice what phrases are generated.

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Camp Descriptions – One page flyers for popular camps: While there are tons of web-based tools to learn coding, leads the way for younger students! We will use a series of lesson plans.


We Have A Problem: 3D Printers Are Too Expensive – Hackaday, we have a problem. 3D printing is changing the world but it’s still too expensive to be embraced as a truly transformative technology. With each passing year, the 3D printing industry.