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Strength of material , ss rattan book review.Jun 29, 2017  · Re: Strength of materials by s s rattan can anybody sent me strength of materials book by R.S Kurumi or R.K Bansal or ramamurutham or ss rattan 7th April 2014 , 10:45 PM #7

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Download Strength of Material By S. Ramamrutham – This book on the Strength of Materials deals with the basic principles of the subject.All topics have been introduced in a simple manner. The book has been written mainly in the M.K.S. system of units.The book has been prepared to suit the requirements of students preparing for A.M.I.E. degree and diploma examinations in engineering.

I am glad to present the book entitled Textbook of Strength of Materials in PDF form of 23.8 MBs to the engineering students of mechanical, civil, electrical, aeronautical and chemical and also to the students of A.M.I.E. examination of Engineering (India).

All the chapters of this book, “A Textbook of Strength of Materials” have been written by Dr.R.K.Bansal in such a simple and easy-to-follow language such that even an average student can understand easily by self-study. This book consists of topics such as Simple stresses and strains, Principal stresses and strains, Strain energy, Centre of Gravity, Shear Force, Bending moment, Deflection.