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It’s been a while since we’ve seen [AvE] around Hackaday – last time out he was making carbon foam from a slice of bread. Rest assured his channel has been going strong since then.

Reversible Underwater Adhesion: The Unique C-shaped Suckers of Net-winged Midge Larvae (Blepharicera sp.) – The last one suggests a similar function as denticles and radial grooves on the octopus tentacle sucker 9,21, which provide a waterfilled network of spaces that transmit the subambient pressure in.

Synalloy Issues Investor Presentation Highlighting Plan to Create Value for All Shareholders – Presentation Highlights Synalloy’s Outperformance in Both Peak and Trough Periods of the Business Cycle Highlights Privet/UPG’s Disingenuous Campaign to Gain Control of Synalloy’s Board and.

Baldur’s Gate 2 Romance Their power makes them more akin to the Romance version of Generals in Total War: Three Kingdoms as powerful, almost invincible leaders based on their legendary status. And legends are a key. New Synopses Released for ‘Batwoman’ Season 2 and ‘The Flash’ Season 7 – And the synopsis for season 2 of Batwoman: Season two

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In many ways, Pages has become the rich media authoring app that iBooks Author aspired to be. We can hope that Apple brings more of.

Last, we confirm the role of kinetic trapping of metastable microstructures as the mechanism for domain size control based on solution SAXS, in situ optical microscopy, and solvent-vapor annealing.

In Maya Angelou’s poem Caged Bird, the isolated bird sings out of hope for freedom. The cuckoo’s hollow call shaped classical music pieces by famous composers such as Beethoven, Mahler and Vivaldi.

Use a hair trimmer next to your ear! When I was getting my last haircut, the barber used a cordless trimmer right next to my ear, where I have magnets in the lobes, and I got a distinct sensation.

we hope to have a better database. While, thus far, some drop tests have been conducted and videotaped, no true scientific study has been done by a certified testing lab. An important factor to.